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Is it just men that ask about your sexual history?

So it’s early days with this guy and we where talking about his home city, I told him I love it there cause it’s always a fun weekend away with the girls. He turned around and asked me so a lot of action while you where there? I told him the truth that I’ve never had a 1 night stand or gone home with anyone after a night out. He seemed really happy by this which surprised me cause to me it’s not a big deal. We talked about sex a good bit which I like cause I want him to feel comfortable with talking to me about it.

Even though I don’t do casual sex cause I prefer sex when I’m with a person I care about, I kind of get the feeling guys till frown upon women having casual sex and try and suss your sex history out? Is it important or not?
I would want to know their sex history it’s a big deal
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It wouldn’t bother me it’s their business
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Is it just men that ask about your sexual history?
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