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Need 1 night stand advice?

On Friday night I went to a friends house to hangout and have a few red wines. I don't know her that well. I only met her maybe 2 months ago at university and we only started really becoming friends in the last few weeks.

Anyway, after a couple of glasses of red, we were on the couch watching tv and she started touching my leg. I realised what was happening and lets just say, I didn't do anything to stop it at that point. She ended up moving into a different position so that she was snuggled up against me and I don't know what happened but I kind of got scared and asked her to stop.

She was cool, she backed off and everything was fine.
But I feel so stupid because I've been curious about trying sexual stuff with another girl for years and then when it actually happened I got scared and stopped it.

Im thinking about texting her to explain what happened and maybe inviting her to my place for dinner this weekend. Given that I turned her down already do you think she would still be interested in having another go?
Need 1 night stand advice?
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