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Have you ever been possessed?

Here's my story: I believe Ghosts don't exist... But Demons do! I cannot see them, I feel them!
It doesn't happen often at all, but when they do, they "visit" during the night, when I'm trying to sleep. It feels like a vacuum, sucking feeling, and my muscles twitch for a second... Then, my head begins to uncontrollably think of frightening things, and I hear noises in my head... I recognize these symptoms as a visitation of a supernatural significance, and I ask questions. "Oh, Hey... Is there something you want?" I ask. "Who do you think you are?" He replies. I cannot hear it, but it's like a text that appears in my mind, so I know what's being said. Most of the time, He'll push the thoughts even further, and I often have to "fight" the fright... I start sweating! I give him the name of Jesus Christ, or simply say "That's enough." And He leaves.
I'm not sure why they visit, or if it's the SAME DUDE every time, but I know how to get him to stop. When I wake up in the morning, I try to think of the reasons he might've visited. For example, if I've been doing something naughty, (Porn) I'll throw it out. How about you? Have you experienced something of the like? (I think "Night Terrors" are also a visitation)
Have you ever been possessed?
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