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Guys, He's shy, I'm the opposite. How to deal with frustration and make him open up sexually?

Hi, I'm in a relationship with a great but... shy guy. I'm the complete opposite but everything is great with us. The Issue: sexually I'm more experienced (I'm older and I had long term serious relationships) VERY open-minded with very high sex.
He's a bit shy in bed too but he is great when we have sex, willing to talk and ask me what I like and try what I propose. Now he's starting to realize HOW MUCH wild I am and he is withdrawing a bit. I sense he feels inadequate and he thinks that he is not "enough".
Which I assure him is not the case. He's great, we have chemistry in bed. The issue is that we are in a LDR and it's frustrating for me to not have sex with the man I love, so I try to be playful, sent him pictures and in the beginning he was in awe, now I can see that it's probably too much for him and he doesn't know how to have sexy chats? He feels uncomfortable? I don't know what to think.

The other day I sent him a few sexy photos and we were teasing each other, not sexting and he said he was very horny and then... he said he had to go to bed (with no commitments for the next day!). It was like being in the middle of having sex and one of the two stopped to go to bed. It frustrated me, I felt inadequate as I was forcing my sexuality on him.

He told me he prefers to show me the things and talk in person about these things, and of course, I agree but while he is content like that, my high sex drive leads me to total frustration and even if I know it's not his fault, I am starting to resent it.

What should I do? I can't change who I am...(and I would never cheat, My high sex drive is just because I am so attracted to him as a person, hence also sexually).

Maybe one day he will overcome his shyness and so his sex drive will be a bit closer to mine? But how? Is that even possible? I don't want to ruin our relationship because of that... I care for him too much.
Thanks for your advice, I'm seriously getting crazy.
Guys, He's shy, I'm the opposite. How to deal with frustration and make him open up sexually?
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