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I guess chivalry and love is gone for good?

guys want strippers, and girls who dress half naked. that's what guys follow on Instagram. no decent people exist anymore, it's a world full of sexualized and lust. I'm done cause no decent guys are there anymore, same with women. pedophilia is going up, rape is going up. I just want a decent man whose into me, idc if he watches porn I just dont want him following half naked chicks online. but they dont exist. Guys want the hottest girl. I've never had a guy who accepts me for me, I'm always told to be better. I'm trying, I'm trying to lose weight for myself. But guess what? IM UGLY and worthless. If a gorgeous girl said this, guys would be all thirsty saying "You're hot" or "message me". I'm done, love doesn't exist. love is bullshit. Guys just like to comment on half naked girls photos saying thirsty stuff. Guys love thots, so shut the fuck up. whenever someone finds a guy they have wondering eyes or are flirting up multiple women. they can't just love one person, every guy has 2 sides to them where they are two different people and sex crazed. I'm done. So messed up? Am I right?
I guess chivalry and love is gone for good?
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