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Decipher this please?

Hung out with a group of friends. Ended up hooking up with a mutual friend. Once on the rooftop. Once back at my place. He stayed the night. We woke up. Had sex. Drank coffee. Watched an episode of Taxi. Then had sex again. This time I told him to come inside of me and it understandably freaked him out. Anyway, I asked my friend about him and she took it upon himself to give him my number, in which he immediately texted me. Went back and forth and he sent this: “In shock about the whole thing I guess? Mostly processing it all, trying to figure it and be fair to you going forward? And do the right thing you know? Because I was there and apart of it. I’m just taking it all in really. I don’t remember a greater portion of the night, then being surprised in the morning by that? And not knowing how to handle that correctly at the time. And I hope this isn’t coming out wrong, I’m not trying to blame you for anything! I just wanna know what I’m supposed to say here? Please help. Because I wanna do this right and not be shitty about it or to you. I don’t know what to do honestly. Sorry if that was a lot.“ I just said I wanted to know what he was thinking. He said he doesn’t think we should hang out alone for a while. I don't know. Please help put my anxious mind at ease.
Decipher this please?
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