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How do I explain to my girlfriend?

She goes out dancing with me in a very short dress and when she turns she shows her knickers.
i like it when she is sexy but I feel funny when other guys are taking videos of her showing her stuff.

I tried to talk to her but she said she didn’t care what others think. I respect her views and she can wear anything she wants. It’s her body. It’s her choice. But I don’t feel good.

Maybe i I am being a silly and I need to just accept that is how she is.
If we were in an adult club I wouldn’t mind as much.

What do do you think?
How do I explain to my girlfriend?
This is what people can see when we are out.
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I know what you all mean. Thanks for your comments. It’s difficult as I can see both sides. We did speak again today. After the chat last night. She says she can wear other things and it’s not a problem. I get lots of attention from women and it could be her way of keeping up and showing she can do what she likes. And she can. Part of me feels I need a woman and not a girl.

Let’s see what happens. She asked to look at my phone today. 😭
How do I explain to my girlfriend?
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