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Help me get over my apprehension about oral (giving it)?

I love pleasing women sexually, however one area which i've always been apprehensive about is oral. It's not that i don't want to give it; quite the opposite in fact but i seem to want to do it right up until the point where i could do it and then kinda don't bother

For me i have a slight issue with putting my mouth on anything that i don't class as 'sanitary' (you can call it a very mild case of germaphobia if you like), beacuse it's the same area where urine comes from that's kinda in my mind, also i hate the sound associated with it and most importantly i don't like the smell of my own saliva. I have given oral before but i've always sucked at it (pardon the pun). I heard recently from a friend that a few years ago they had a guy who was so good at it he made her move like bambi (failing legs etc in pleasure)

So apart from making me jealous it made me want to conquer this thing so any tips would be great. I don't mind the taste so much it's more the 'germs' of the situation
Help me get over my apprehension about oral (giving it)?
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