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List 3 Pros and 3 Cons of YOU being single?

PROS of me being single:
I’m a flirt and sometimes get bored easily so at least i can flirt with whoever, whenever.
I’ll experience less heartbreak because i dont tolerate much for long and refuse to waste much time on a bad apple.
I feel less pressure to have sex before im ready because i can easily tell the guy to fck off.
CONS of me being single:
I really miss being kissed and getting hickeys or getting fingered and having these tits sucked. I mean its not hard to find volunteers but im paranoid about mono, disease and stds, so i dont just give just “anyone” access.
I may become a single mother which i dont exactly see as a con but i know most of you will, especially since im considering in vitro in 2021 and will possibly bring a kid into this overpopulated world without a father figure.
Im pretty bad when single and it leads to lots of love triangles and the breaking of hearts.
So yea I don't know if im better off taken or single.
List 3 Pros and 3 Cons of YOU being single?
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