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Why has my friend just dropped me like a hot brick?

We are both 21 and i feel like my friend has dropped me for another girl. Every time i tell her how i feel or confront i get the same excuse which is no money. (She got sacked from her job)

However she still managed to visit this other girl and lifts her from her work and when i say you never be around me anymore she says she has no money for diesal?

She constantly says she doesn't want to fall out with me over something upid? Why is this. She then goes on to say she doesn't know how to fix it? Which is not that hard. I dont know what to do because i have very little friends and not in a position to meet others just yet. Me and this girl share the same interests which is good but everything seems to have gone tits up since she met this other girl. Im all for people having other friends but i seem to be treated like shit just because i dont like her. I dont like her because of how she goes and her actions. She would fight anyone if she could or always looks for a row. She is more into sex and acting a whore than me so maybe thats why they are well matched. I just dont know what to do im sick of constantly addressing this issue. Had got something to do with fact she has no job? Its been like this for 3 months
Why has my friend just dropped me like a hot brick?
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