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Is my boss into me or playing games?

So I am a woman and I have a female boss who happens to be Chinese and married with kids. For the last few months, this woman has legit been coming on to me. I thought I was imagining it and that it couldn't be but so long down the line and nothing changes. Its push and pull for both of us as I think sometimes she is playing a mind game but I have threatened to leave over other things and she gets worried so I can't imagine why she would risk it without being serious about me. The Chinese culture is totally against bisexuality or being gay etc and besides that she is my boss so there is much risk.
The thing that confuses me about everything though is that she gets people to spy on me in the office. She doesn't want other people around me and as soon as she finds out I'm close to someone, either Chinese or expat, we get spied on. I'm damn good at my job and they wouldn't want to lose me, even my director has said this but I'm wondering what to think at this point. I have considered a long-term affair because she doesn't seem to relent but I'm also afraid of the issues later and whether she is trying to trip me up. She tries to hang around me as much as possible, sometimes messages me random stuff late at night and has tried to tug at or pull my jacket down subtly before.
She is into you but afraid of the repercussions.
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She is playing a game and trying to push professional boundaries no matter the cost.
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Make the first move or ask her directly.
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Get a new job and forget the bitch.
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Is my boss into me or playing games?
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