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Have you done sexual things in public?

Not necessary Sex or even with a partner. When i was a 11 or 12, i would put my hand in my pants pocket and play with my penis.

My partner did similar things in a concert once, she unzipped my pants and pull my dick out (+ play with it very briefly) same thing with her at a beach in the caribbean , we're playing with each other private parts under water.

long time ago on a date.. (still a virgin) went to a movie and i reached for her boob under her sweater/bra and played with nipples for the first time!

co worker i was flirting with.. after drinking at the bar.. drove her home. and we kissed first getting into the car. (we didn't kiss before and nothing happened after, starting driving her home.) she then started reaching for my cock while i was driving and gave a brief Blowjob without cumming.
Sometimes i find these uncalled for occassions of sexual flirting is much more exciting than actual SEX.. Share your experiences!!!
Have you done sexual things in public?
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