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Girls, please help! I am in serious trouble, it's about pregnancy, need your suggestions?

Please read it full, because it's really important for me. I can't even talk to someone else about this.
For those who will comment it's fake, please stay away. You are not helping, instead you're adding more problem to me.
Ok, so let me tell you this thing clearly. I am totally disgusted about what happened.
I live with my mom and my foster brother, who is elder than me. My parents brought him home, when my dad was also with us, but now they are seperated. Mom and dad separated 4 years back, my mom caught him cheating on her.

We were living happily, but couple of weeks back, my brother got this letter that he is selected for a very well reputed university. We were celebrating at home, just 3 of us and we were all drunk. My mom passed out fully drunk, so we helped her to her bedroom, and I went back to my room and I passed out drunk. At mid night, I woke up for drinking water, so I went to kitchen. While going I saw light in my mom's room, so I peeked in. I saw my mom was passed out, and my foster brother was having sex with her. I was very very shocked and scared so I went back to my room and slept. Next day she didn't remember anything, everything was same as before, but now my brother is gone to his university. And recently we found out that my mom is pregnant. She is still in shock that how did this happened. She is not dating anyone, and she is still single from last 4 years, so how did this happened. I seriously doubt that, it was him who did that. But I am scared to tell her about that night, and other than that I don't have any proof too. Please tell me what to do now? If I tell her, she would be totally depressed about that. Please tell me what should I do now?
Girls, please help! I am in serious trouble, it's about pregnancy, need your suggestions?
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