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What would u do if u were ugly?

99.9 percent of people i see around me all look hot or average... i hardly ever see an ugly person like myself... maybe like 1 in 1000...
all you beautiful motherfuckers dont know how good you got it and how lucky you are.. u take it for granted.. it kinda makes me wonder how you all
would react if you were to look in a mirror ondeday to see that u somehow magically turned ugly like me...
like what would u do? how would u react?

as a certified ugly person myself... this is what i do about it... nothing... i dont try to change it,
i dont even try to better my appearence cos even when i do my best to look good i still only look average,
i also feel like thats kinda cheating.. so i jus accept that im naturally jus a ugly shit and not as good as everyone else,
i tell myself im a ugly unworthy piece of disgusting shit that will never have a girlfriend,
i sorta seclude myself from the world and live a lonely fantasy world where i never go out and jus
live my life on video games and pizza and porn, i try to hide in my home cos i dont think anyone should have
to witness my ugly face and avoid people at all costs,
i tell myself every thing i could think of saying, or everyone opinion i have.. is unworthy of being shared since
im so ugly and everyone hates me cos of my uglyness... so i never talk or show my personality... im somewhat of a mute.
.. once a hot girl even came onto me but i told myself she needed glasses
or was joking and jus trolling me... so i didn't persue her like i would have if i was hot... i did nothing about it and let her pass me by,
i told myself i didn't deserve her as im too ugly,

what would u beautiful motherfuckers do if u were to become ugly like me?
would u accept it and be proud and go after hot girls even if u feel ur ugly?
or do u try to change ur appearence somehow to make urself look slightly better?
or do u jus do what i do and dwell in mysery and tell urself ur shit?
24 d
if u dont think this looks bad u.cubeupload.com/squid/WIN20191022154233Pro.jpg
somethings wrong with u lol
What would u do if u were ugly?
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