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I don't know why I'm so strange?

Okay. So, at school, there was a class where we just did nothing. The topic ended up being sex. I was shrinking back in the corner reading. A guy in my class had the best question. They were asking people if they were or weren't virgins. I did not answer. The whole class caught on. So a smart girl asked if I even knew what sex was. My very strange self said, "when a boy puts his thing in a girl's thing", like that was the most logical thing on earth. There is something wrong with me. I was instructed to use proper terms. I could not say the word 'penis' for the life of me. Some people said it was cute and some were being disrespectful. I tried hiding behind my book, but it didn't work.
I dont know why Im so strange?
I don't know why I'm so strange?
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