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Is my wife cheating on me on vacation?

We have always had a sexual problem. I have a major appetite but physically have some problems that don't make sex easy. She is really attractive to me though so that's not the problem. She used to have a very adventurous sex life but in our relationship, it seemed to fade. We love each other and other aspects are great, but sexually, she rarely does any effort for me. We have sex once or twice a year now, she never dresses up for me, doesn't like it when I stare at her naked or give her sexual compliments since she feels slutty when I do, ...

Now she is on vacation with her best friend, who I totally don't trust. That friend is, sorry to use the word, pretty much of a slut. I know quite some guys who have had sex with her and they confirm that she is pretty crazy. That friend posted this picture of my wife.
Is my wife cheating on me on vacation?
And no I won't put it up in higher quality for the perverts among you. It hurts a lot since she would never wear anything like this around me, yet when I'm a million miles away, she pretty much shows off her bare butt to strangers. Also there has been something in the past which was borderline cheating of her to me but she tried to minimalize it. So I know I sound insecure, but I am insanely worried and afraid she might make a mistake like back then or worst. Should I be worried or not?
Is my wife cheating on me on vacation?
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