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Is it hypocritical to want full sexual glory with somebody while blocking off the potential for fruitful sex?

It sexually amazes me how people easily declare they have all of somebody sexual and wants the full sexual experience with another person by showcasing their sexing being with them and participating in all their sexual glory, yet are still withholding a portion of their sexuality from them. They are wanting to dictate or maneuver and condense sex into a fitting they want it to be to satisfy them and their partner rather than letting their full sexual nature take over. By initially altering or intentionally disallowing the potential of fruitful sex, you make a mockery of your sexuality. Our sexuality is compacted into both the unitive (expression your union) and procreative (expressing purposeful sexual growth during intercourse). By separating the unitive from the procreative, you are mingling with sex and declaring how sex should be rather than how sex actually is naturally and makes you a sexual slave to sexual nature.

By placing parameters on our sexuality, we are not loving our partner in the highest sexual glory attainable to us. We should deeply and seriously try to discern why those around us wants to bottle sex up a particular way. By taking a measure of contraception, removing sexual reproductive organs needed for procreation, etc, you are shaking your fist at sexual nature and saying I will give sexual glory to others the way I see fit, which is selfish. Sexual union is consecrated, holy, sacred and special. Our sexual essence is who we really are. That is why when sexuality is stolen from us or innocence from sexual activities are intact, we cherish it. We cherish virginity and our sex should not be given away so easily. We should give people we want sexual unions with all of our sex or we are cheating and robbing them of who be are sexually and diminishing the sexual union and tainting it.
Yes and we should strive to allow for its fruitful potential
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Not hypocritical but shameful as its making a mockery of sexual purpose
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Yes but we should dictate how sex ought to go provided we are using it in consensual avenues
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No because not allowing procreative potential only shames our carnal desires to want sex condensed to our liking
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Another yes answer (what and explain)
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Another no answer (what and explain)
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A mixture of a yes and a no answer (what and explain each: yes part and no part)
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Is it hypocritical to want full sexual glory with somebody while blocking off the potential for fruitful sex?
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