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Was I in the wrong?

So this happened three nights ago and my girlfriend is still kinda mad at me.
So we matched on a dating app like two months ago. We went on a date and we had a lot of the same interests (Video games, computers and such which is rare with women) so we have been seeing each other. We didn't have sex for the first two weeks but I really liked her so I stuck it out and it was amazing when we did, we just fit together perfect. Things were going great she is the total package for me attractive, funny and into tech I could spend the rest of my life with her.
We have been having sex nearly every night but have been using condoms to be safe. A week ago we were talking about how we felt we were getting serious and really liked each other. It then turned to sex and when I reached for a condom I said we were about to run out of condoms and need more. She said maybe we could stop using them soon. Afterwards we were talking and she told me that she has never had sex without a condom before even though she and her first boyfriend were together two years and she was on Birth control. She told me that he was her only lover before she met me and that they rarely had sex

So we get to three nights ago and we start having sex its our last condom. she has me stop and she pulls the condom off and tells me she needs to feel me without. So we start doing it without. I get to the end of what I can do but she is moaning about how she is about to cum again and to keep going so I don't say anything and keep going. I last like 45 more seconds before I start cumming and collapse still inside this takes her over the edge. We both lay there and then she is like wait where did you cum. I say inside and she says she's not on birth control anymore. She freaks I say oh sorry I thought you said you were and I will get you plan B. So I did But she is still mad I keep saying it was my bad and I am sorry. I think we are going to be fine because she said she will get on BC again because it felt so good.
No I would have thought the same.
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Was I in the wrong?
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