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I guess I am boring?

I got told that if a guy was following a instathot and liking their photos that if he saw her in real life girlfriend or not. he would have sex with her. I give up on guys, you think that's perfectly normal? yikes. but since it's a hot girl it's a pass. No wonder why my sister gets all the guys and I can't get one. No wonder why guys like half naked chicks, cause they are hot. I really dont care what guys do anymore, but you guys have changed. watching porn instead of paying attention to your girlfriend or your girlfriend drives down to you and you ignore her for video games. You like photos of half naked chicks online even tho you got a loving sweet girlfriend at home. I give up on men, that's all they want. you think there's decent men? Definitely not anymore. loyalty, faithfulness and respect are dead. I know I can't compare to my sister she's everything a guy wants in a girl. I'm the opposite. but boring so that makes everything okay?
I guess I am boring?
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