Should evil men be neutered?

Should evil men be neutered?
Studies show that when aggressive male animals get neutered they become more docile. In theory it’s also the case for human males. There haven’t been a lot of direct studies of this but circumstantial evidence from a handful of victims seems to indicate this is true. The testicles produce the sex hormones that could make some males violent and by removing those testicles and cutting off the supply of male sex hormones should make them less violent.

In addition to anger and aggression, neutering a man will make him less likely to rape someone. Removal of the testicles makes it impossible for him to achieve orgasm, the driving force behind sex but also a motivator in violent rape. My removing the testicles, and leaving the penis, the male understands that committing rape will not provide him with an orgasm.

Some suggest that castrating a man is enough punishment to replace years of expensive incarceration. Instead of more of our tax dollars spent on an over expensive jail system, men could be castrated instead for much much cheaper. It is so easy to do that just about anybody can perform the removal and it doesn’t require an expensive medial doctor when a lightly trained intern can do the operation.

Would you support a law that would allow violent criminals to reach parole earlier if they agreed to become neutered?
Yes - removing the sex hormones will make him less evil
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No - neutering a man will not make him less evil
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Should evil men be neutered?
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