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Is this Bumble/Tinder Experience Normal?

Is this experience normal because of the anonymity of dating apps? My buddy exchanged a few messages and a quick call with a pretty hot girl on Bumble. They met that evening for drinks. An hour later they were at his place; she sucked his coc* got cum on her face, he fu**ed her up the as*, spanked her, and other stuff.

My other friend wants to tell him to stay away from her because “shes not girlfriend material and is more likely to cheat”. That seems harsh.
How many girls have given BJs or fuc*ed on the first tinder/bumble date? -guys have you had crazy experiences during the first meeting?
Is this experience normal on Tinder/Bumble?
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Is it not normal/very rare
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Are se* and BJs common on first online date?
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Are BJs more common on first date
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Are none of these common/normal on the first Bumble/tinder date.
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9 d
Is this Bumble/Tinder Experience Normal?
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