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I’m not sure what to do?

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about 6 months now. We broke up about a month ago because of him cheating and I decided to give him another chance. Recently, I found out that he’s been paying people for sex on escort websites. I was so hurt after seeing that but also I have a feeling that he may be bi or gay. I notice that when we have sex he always wants to try to do anal. I told home I wasn’t comfortable with that but he still pushes me to do it. Also, I saw not only does he pay for sex with women, I think it’s trans women too. (Yes trans women are women too) but does this make him gay? I’m the messages he said something about “top” I have no idea what that means. He watches trans porn on his phone all the time and I’m a little worried. Do you think he’s not happy and has to cheat because he’s not comfortable with himself? Should I talk to about it?
I’m not sure what to do?
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