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Y girl is responsible?

She is slut for loosing her virginity before marriage in muslim and conservative communities.

She is a slut for not wearing a niqap in conservative muslim countries but also get insulted for wearing a hijab and the state tries to forbid to wear a hijab in some western aka "free" countries.

She is a slut when she loses her virginity at a young age but get also called prude for waiting till marriage.

She is a slut when she has sex on the first date but get called bitch for being hard to get.

She is a slut when she is wearing revealing clothes but also get asked why she is wearing a condom on her head, or called ninja for wearing a nigap/hijab.

She is a career whore for choosing to work but also get called lazy for being a housewife.

She is easy aka a slut for making the first step or asking a guy for date but get called lazy and arrogant for NOT doing that.

She is insulted as a whore for being a prostitute/ pornstar by those who use their service or watch their porn and support them indirectly

The list can go on.
You do not have to like these women but why do have the need to shame on them who do not hurt anyone. Why do we hate eachother so much? I also dont understand why do especially many religious people like to shame on these women. I thought religion is about love and peace and not about hate and hostility.

I am sure men are also discriminated by the society and I am really sorry for these men but this post is about woman issues. So please show a little understanding.
Y girl is responsible?
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