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Chance I could be pregnant?

I have irregular periods, my last period was 2 months ago. It skipped last month (I didn’t have sex, just cuddling and grinding without a condom though) and I was supposed to get my period this month but it’s now 10 days late. I had protected sex twice earlier this month. I have been stressing quite a bit, but even with stress wouldn’t my period come by now? Is there a chance the pre-cum from the grinding could have gotten me
pregnant? I took 2 tests 5/6 days after my missed period and they both came back negative, but I am having cramps on and off and bloated. In the beginning of this month I was gassy, bloated, and just a bit nauseous. I don’t know if I stressed so much to cause these symptoms or if I am pregnant.
Chance I could be pregnant?
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