How can I get him to contribute to foreplay?

My husband enjoys sex. In the beginning he was a very attentive lover. I provided warm oil massages, bj’s, hand jobs, sex in a huge variety of positions including me on top.

He clearly loves the intensity of orgasms these activities produce. Yet, in spite of me telling him how much I miss the good old days when he also provided oral sex, massages, nipple play, etc., he just doesn’t.

I am always the initiator. When I initiate and provide foreplay and do most everything else— he enjoys it.

But he doesn’t initiate, or reciprocate at all.

He wants to just cuddle in bed all the time. He loves that! I need more. I’m desperate for more. The only two things he does do for me is hand me my vibrato after he has cum so I can get myself off and then find the off switch for me when I’m done. That’s it.
I have explicitly told him I need him to initiate.
I’m thinking of telling him I’m moving to the guest bedroom and I will cuddle him in our room after he has seduced me.

Bad idea? Good idea? Other ideas?
How can I get him to contribute to foreplay?
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