How do I maintain my erection?

I want to buy a "clone a willy" dildo for my girlfriend. Unfortunately I need to stay hard for a few minutes. Usually I cannot do this. If I am having sex I can stay hard long enough, same thing for masturbating, but usually I need to be doing something to keep myself hard. Can something like a cock ring help me stay hard long enough for the casing to set? Is there something else I can use. I don't want to use ED medicine as I have no problems with getting hard.
1 y
Some of you don't seem to understand. I can get hard with my girlfriend. I can stay hard while masturbating, getting oral, doing anal, and piv. This is not a problem with sex and staying hard. It was a question of how to stay hard long enough to get a cast of my penis to create a dildo exactly like my penis for my girlfriend to use. I get soft relatively quickly if there is no physical stimulation.
How do I maintain my erection?
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