Anyone pregnant here or been pregnant?

I have a question. I'm a FTM at 37w2d and I have been experienced a lot of pain in my nether regions. Inside my vagina hurts, the labia, and vulva, even rectal area hurts extremely bad when I use any strength or pressure from my legs like squatting, sitting up, rolling over, crawling (this one is the worst it's enough to put me in tears), pushing something or kicking something, basically any movement below the waist. Is this normal? It's been this way since the beginning of the 3rd tri but i got my cervix checked yesterday for the 2nd time and it is much worse now
11 mo
I have tried asking my OB and the nurses and they all say "it's fine it's just pregnancy pain" but I have never heard anyone talk about this when they were pregnant. It's so bad lately it makes me seriously debate on even rolling over at night or getting out of bed. It's like deciding to stab yourself and deal with the pain for a bit or not deal with anything at all
Anyone pregnant here or been pregnant?
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