I fancy my first cousin. How to ask her for the confirmation tgat she also wants me?

So.. Me and my First cousin are best friends we talks a lot daily and rarely loose a chance to meet.
It all started with bidding each other a goodbye. She lives like 800 miles away from my home. And she was at my home for a week's stay. On her last day when i was catching her, her train to her home. She and i did a strong hug platform, for like 30 seconds.
The hugs was so tight that i felt her hard nipples piercings through my chest.. Reproductive parts were literally wants to feel each others, as they were pressing each other hard. My one arm was arround her waist, and other on her butt.
And her arms were wrapped on my waist tightly.
When we got separated. We could feel eachother's sadness on our face.
That day we talked a lot on phone after the boarded the train.
Now when are together we are always desperate to spend some alone time with each other. When we are walking she hold my hands firmly and press it against her boobs strongly.
Also i feel her trying to read my face impressions and in conversation.
Sometimes she lies beside me and try to sleep but wakes up when other person enters in the room.
We share almost every thing happening in out life wich is happening in our life.
And i fancy her a lot. When masturbating i feel of having sex with her.
I dream of getting married with her, but it's considered taboo in our society. And i know that our parents will hate us if do so.
But i for sure wants to have sex with her. Not just one time sex. A strong physical bonding with her for the rest of our life.
And at the same time I'm afraid to tell her my feelings.. As i feel that i might be reading her wrong.. And she just sees me as a good friend.
What should i do.. And how to tell her my feelings safely?
1 y
We both are virgins.
I fancy my first cousin. How to ask her for the confirmation tgat she also wants me?
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