I accidentally texted my ex, and he didn’t reply?

So, I’m pregnant. My ex is the father. He broke up with me. We only text about the baby, only about updates like if he wants a copy of the ultrasound. And the texts he sends me are one worded like “yes” ‘no” and “k”.

I took a photo of a post it note with the answers to a test for a friend. In the background, is my feet and I’m wearing some cute wedges. (My ex has a feet fetish) it’s relevant because instead of sending it to my friend, I accidentally sent it to my ex. I sent the photo and then said “these are the answers for the test”.

I noticed my mistake after five mins. And I texted my ex and apologized and said I didn’t mean to send him that.
He never replied. Usually when I text him about the baby like ultrasounds, he replied within a minute. It’s been like 40 mins and he hasn’t replied with at least a “k” or anything. Is this a bad sign? Or what could he be thinking? Like is he annoyed/mad?
I accidentally texted my ex, and he didn’t reply?
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