Step fantasies, anyone able to explain the appeal?

I've noticed a flood of the "step family" porn videos, and I'm just curious what the appeal is. Does anyone truly watch them and get off more than if it was the same video, but they weren't step family?
Step family gets me off way more
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I'd get off even if they weren't step family
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I won't watch because they're step family
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12 mo
Understand, I'm not judging in any way, I've never had a step mom or sister so I can't say I've ever thought about the fantasy, but when I think about what if I did and they were hot and came onto me, would I turn them down? So I can see how it makes for an interesting storyline... just wanted to know if it's a real fantasy or if anyone has acted on it before?
Step fantasies, anyone able to explain the appeal?
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