Is there a proper forum anywhere which can help me find a specific, years old lost pornographic video?

Years ago, somewhere between 2008-2012 I watched a certain porn video. It MIGHT have been an add, because it all went down very fast. And if it was an add, I SUPPOSE the full video was one of those proffessional porn videos, made by some. company or such. Anyways, between 2007-2012 I was a pre-teen, I'd discovered sex and wanted to find out more on my own. So I visited a psge called xxxbunker. com (or xxx. bunker. com ) and that's where I saw it. But anyway, the video was most likely proffessionally made and it definitely had a plot. I mean, most videos starts with girls undressing or humping some random dude, but this one started like a ordinary movie would. Just a teen in her room, receiving a gift (which was probably intended to be a prank), but I'll spare you the details. If you want the details and think you can make anything out of that, feel free to visit the link at the bottom. But anyway (damn, got sidetracked. Again!), since I remember the plot and which page I saw it at, it should be easy to find. Or so I thought. So, here's my questions, is there any forum or pages where you can post lost porn videos, and hopefully get help? Most times when I post, no one answers, and that's really, really tedious. I just wanna find my stuff fgs. (Abd before anyone suggest it, I can not simply check my browsing history. I didn't use my own computer, I used a public computer. And those computers delete browsing history and saved files every night. Some anti-virus thing.)

And please, all haters and bullies who come across this post of mine, I know you do what you do (hating and bullying for no reason) to make yourselves feel better, or because you have nothing better to do and simply don't care if you hurt others. Anyways, you guys have no buisness here. If you don't like me or my post, just go somewhere else. Go to some other post or a Youtube video that has content you do like. Then everyone gets happier. Thanks! 😊
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Nearly forgor, here's the link to my previous question. If you can't click it, just copy and paste.

https://www. girlsaskguys. com/sexual-behavior/q3721862-lost-porn-video-know-it
Is there a proper forum anywhere which can help me find a specific, years old lost pornographic video?
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