Is it true that you cannot forget the person that takes your virginity due to a "soul bond"?

I am a virgin myself, and the thought of losing my virginity to a female always turns me on, and I think to myself. "I am never going to forget the woman that turns me into a man, and introduces me to the pleasures of sex." Even if I forget her name in the future, and get married to another woman, or date and sleep with a lot of other women, I feel like I won't be able to forget the "first person" even if I forget other ones. It is like a lingering memory. Like if I see her walking down the street, I have to say "Hey!" even if I am not necessarily friends with her anymore. It is like part of my soul is permanently inside her now. Part of my personality is in her. When you have sex with someone, especially for the first time, parts of your personality and spirit becomes part of the other person, and vice versa. This still happens even when you are not a virgin, but not to the same extent. So the idea that I can "give" my virginity to someone, and they are walking around with it, makes me so giddy, and the idea of taking someone's virginity also turns me on so much, and makes me giddy. Like, I've permanently left a mark on that person for the rest of their life even if they forget my name, they won't forget what I have done to them. And if someone takes my virginity, I won't ever forget them. I will remember her forever and ever, even if I do not date her forever or marry her, or even if I forget her name, I won't forget her face, or what she did to me. If I see her 10 years down the road, it is like I have no choice but to say "Hey what's up? Remember me? You took my virginity" or "I took your virginity." But I won't make it awkward and weird like that. It'd be more of a quick "Hi, how are you doing? Remember me?" With no mention of sex or virginity.
Is it true that you cannot forget the person that takes your virginity due to a "soul bond"?
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