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What's wrong with my relationship?

My husband and I have sex like everyday this week (he initiates now because I've given up asking) and he doesn't cum anymore. It's been at least 2 weeks since he came. It tried to spice it up and watch porn but it didn't work. Then I tried to spice it up by offering to have sex in public but he isn't interested. He wants to go to date night tonight but I'm dreading it. I'm not excited to have a silent date and have a boring sex afterwards. I smile and fake a pretty good orgasm but really I just want to please him. He says he is happy and is in love with me... although I'm not reciprocating that feeling towards him anymore (I tell him I love him though). I feel like a shitty wife. He won't take viagra because he hates all medicines and doctors. What should I do? (He's 55) (He hasn't been cheating because we have been quarantined together 24/7)
What's wrong with my relationship?
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