Do you REALLY respect women?

For basically my whole life I always thought I had what would be considered high respect for women. Sometimes I see a guy being an ass and I'll intervene, I've always been there for my lady friends because I honestly feel like women aren't really given the attention they need most of the time.

However what I've noticed lately is that when I'm around other guys, we're so disrespectful towards women. Lmao

Like we talk about how stupid they are and how great it feels to cum right in the eye or get it in the hair and act like it was an accident no matter how obvious it was.

Even the fact that we usually hit them up when we're just trying to fuck and the ridiculous lengths we go through to have sex.

I mean even the fact that so many people are gonna read this and think I'm some kind of monster I find a little hilarious. And talking like that is something most guys who would be considered "normal" in the sense that they can blend into and be a part of society naturally bond over haha.

It's not unusual at all and I can pretty much garuentee that most of the people who would take issue with this post are emotionally close to a guy who has done all these things.
In my head, it kinda raises a few interesting dialogues to me. Firstly, how much of it is just joking around? Because guys pull pranks on each other too and we definitely negg on each other but when it comes to women some of it to me definitely seems to stem from the frustration of not understanding why we're different.

And how much of this do women already know? To the chick who would be like "I knew all men were like that all along!" do you realize most of those guys would also go out of their way to help a women in need with no serious expectation of anything in return? (even though the hope might be there)
What about how women disrespect men?
Is this kind of thing just natural?

I would be really interested in hearing some well thought out thoughts on this because honestly there are a ton of angles to it.
Do you REALLY respect women?
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