What is going on in my body?

I had unprotected sex twice earlier this month but we pulled out and it was okay. Im not on bc or anything. Then a week ago I had unprotected again and I took a bunch of vitamin c and black kohash after (old wives take I suppose). And I got with a new partner and he is hung to say the least and I noticed after sleeping with him there was like chunks of discharge coming out. And it smelled almost rotten. I've had it happen before because of vitamin c so I didn't think too much. Then the other day we tried having sex again and it just hurt the whole time. I could somewhat get him in but it just caused pain. Then after I had cramps like no other. He said he saw blood when we were doing it. So after I put in a tampon thinking I just was starting my period and in the morning there was only blood on the back of the tampon. Like a think line. It wasn't saturated at all. I also couldn't get turned on when we were together. Like my body just wouldn't agree. And my cervix I could feel somewhat and it is very soft and feels very large and compared to normal. And I dont know if its just because he's huge down there and its hitting my cervix pretty much every time or what. I feel fine otherwise it's just when we try to sleep together it hurts. I don't want to tell my parents because we are a Christian family and they would pretty much disown me but I dont know what to do
What is going on in my body?
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