Why do furries / furry artists get so much hate?

My first question that has nothing to do with dating.
Why does everyone have a deep hatred for furries?

I first started getting into furry artists in the 8th grade and I'm going to the 11th grade next school year. I hangout on platforms like Discord and Twitter and people's pictures of anthropomorphic animals get so much hate from gaming / developer and meme communities. I never understood why. They say it's cringey and inappropriate.
First of all, if you finding it cringey then oh well. I personally think the weird animal dances are cringey. But if people keep disliking furries for NSFW art then that's their fault for looking it up. Blame 18+ artists for that shit not furries. Not all furries are bisexual and horny. Only 35% of the community in fact. Every community has LGBT people. They're normal people for god sake. We don't just get kinky around random strangers.
People say that they wear fursuits in public. It's a bit weird and creepy. Not just for furries. For anyone who goes outside and takes a walk in a Halloween costume. Furries do this to bring their fursonas into real life. I personally wish I could be an anthropomorphic cheetah with human characteristics but that's not happening. Furries do this cause it's creative and fun for cosplay.
I see a bunch of furries and furry artists being bullied into suicide daily because of this and it's so fucking stupid. We could be wishing death upon terrorists and racist people. But people need to bully furries to feel superior. I don't understand.
Why do furries / furry artists get so much hate?
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