I need some advice I guess?

The boy that I like, weve been talking for 10 months but we’re not exclusive yet, comes over sometimes. It’s not very often because we’re both busy. Last night he came over and we just watched movies and cuddled and it was nice.
however we’ve had sex before and I know that he wants me to make the moves but I’m so scared. I also don’t know if he wants it at that moment so I hesitate and then by the time I realize I should do it it’s time for him to leave.
it’s just the worst because he’s open about what he wants and I am too anxious to just initiate it.
I know I’m not obligated in any way to have sex with him every time I see him, but this is just something I wanna do for him and every time he leaves I just feel shitty because I didn’t do it after I said I would... again.
im just not sure I guess if I should feel guilty. But I really like him and I do want him to know that I’m not just ignoring what he wants
I need some advice I guess?
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