What to do with my boyfriend that thinks is smart?

My boyfriend is in a group chat with other guys they talk about everything the thing is that they talk about woman and porn stars my boyfriend knows the name of all the actresses he asks for links and names of naked woman and post also pictures and comments. I am very mad because of what I have been seeing there he thinks he is safe and no one can see it so imagine if we marry? How would be? We only dating almost two year and he clearly is addicted to it. I am very mad and I get angry but I can’t say what I have seen. what I should do? I feel like being cheated and do not trust him anymore
8 mo
Because I love him but now I am very mad... this is like the end pint the fact that he is super into those he doesn’t talk to me but he have time to go and find a sexy woman and post for him and his friends to appreciate. With me he says he is busy, he says bad things about me to his friends he always like to be the victim and he is always right. He treated me bad when I sent a birthday gift to his apt because I knew his address...
What to do with my boyfriend that thinks is smart?
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