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Am I over thinking this and being dramatic?

I've been dating this guy for about a year. both just turned 31... when we first started hanging out it was all the time, we actually went places not very often pubic places but we were also having sex a lot so that is to be said. now a year later we don't do much, we have lunch at my place or sex at my place (since he moved back home due to Covid) but we don't do much else. he is a bit of a loner and enjoys doing shit alone, while at the same time trying to rebuild his life since he was dropped from his brand. I on the other hand have a stable job as well as my own place.. neither one of our parents are aware of our relationship, mine for religious reasons (shouldn't be doing things before marriage..) for traditional reasons (shouldn't have a girlfriend and live at home). our friends and siblings know about us but that is about it. on top of it all him and his family are very Republican and white (I've heard a few things that make me double take from him and his brothers) my family and I are more left leaning and are black but have a wide range of ethnic diversity married within.
The thing that is bothering me is the fact that we do nothing outside the house and its starting to feel like a booty call. I've spoken to him about this and he's always saying its not like that he's just trying to get his life in order. which is fine and understandable but not ever doing anything besides sex and food is starting to get to me. it has my overthinking in overdrive... to the point where I'm like is he ashamed to be seen with me? dose he just see me as a booty call yet wants to keep me loyal to only him by slapping a title on it? (happened before) maybe it is just the working from home and not being able to have interactions with others so I'm reaching for him more or i could just being overthinking all of this. side note i do get to spend some time with friends but its been limited... thoughts?
Am I over thinking this and being dramatic?
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