Girls, can you forgive or even accept?

Well this is a really tough one to admit but here goes. I have never had a real serious relationship before not even a highschool girlfriend and for the longest time and still to this day have trouble with porn addiction ( I am working on it ) but it influenced me so much that I acted out and went to a brothel. Over a period of two years I went probably... 14 times at least. No more no less but there were times when I would feel guilty and not go for a few months but I couldn't stop myself. Until the last time I went which was 3 years ago and I knew I would was never going to another brothel again. What was worse is I do come from a religious background, but at the time I just didn't care. I have hated myself for it ever since. So the question is I would never lie about my past if I went on a date, but could you ladies ever forgive or at least see past that ever? It's a long shot I know but I gotta ask anyway and if not I get it. There are no excuses for what I did and I will have to carry that with forever if I had to. Thanks guys I know it was a lengthy post but I had ask. Cheers
Girls, can you forgive or even accept?
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