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What are your thoughts on prostitutes?

I live by Los Angeles, in California, USA. For those that don’t know, there is a street in the south side of Los Angeles, called Figueroa street, where a lot of prostitutes go to offer their services. I was there last night and it got me to think about a lot of stuff. First, I thought it was funny because even though prostitution is illegal here, there is no enforcement. It’s really obvious that they’re prostituting themselves, as there were about 30 girls in g strings walking the streets and cops were driving by like nothing. The only time cops interfered was when guys stop traffic because they stop and talk to the girls. That happened last night and the cops started flashing lights to disperse the crowd. Also, it’s weird that prostitution is illegal considering that sex is normal. Finally, I think those girls charge too much. I was intrigued and not going to lie, those girls are hot; I asked this girl how much she charged and she told me $100. Then I asked her if she had a room and she said no. I felt that $100 is way too much if I was going to get a blowjob or sex in my car. I probably wouldn’t have a good time, maybe $40.
What are your thoughts on prostitutes?
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