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Are "Stamina Training Toys" actually helpful?

So I'm an incel that doesn't see this changing any time soon. I won't get too far into the why of it, because that isn't the point.

My question is, lets say I got it in my head that I'd at try to get used to the physical feeling of sex so I got one of those 14lb torso sex dolls and started training because I want it to at least seem like I'm not a completely clueless 25 year old who has never kissed a woman.

Progress has actually gone quite well, I made it from about 40 seconds doggystyle in the beginning (Probably 20 seconds, not gonna lie) to about 24 minutes of penetration from various positions, mostly keeping the same speed and trying to vary the depth of my thrusting every few minutes.

I have two main questions now:

A) At this point do you think I could pull off claiming it's simply "been a while" if I cum quickly the first time? (Round two is up to 35 minutes with more consistent deep thrusting, three cheers refractory period)

B) What is a reasonable guess I could expect this rocky style training montage to translate to with an actual woman time wise? 10 minutes? 5 minutes?

I'd appreciate any input that isn't "you're pathetic", because I'm aware of that part.

Also, please tell me if I'm wasting my time here. I have been told that I'm overly competitive, so I feel like it's possible I'm trying to win at sex, which is redundant if I'm not having any.
Are "Stamina Training Toys" actually helpful?
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