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Was it wrong to skinny dip with siblings/cousins on camping trip?

Last weekend we went on a family camping trip to a lake about 4hrs away.
It was basically 2 family groups, my family and our cousins/aunt/uncle.
Anyway, on one of the nights it was a perfect warm night and when the oldies went to bed myself, siblings and cousins decided to go for a nude run into the lake and a skinny dip.
To me it seemed a harmless thing to do out in nature.
The group is a mix of guys girls ranging from 16-25.
So we had a nude swim and then laid on the beach for a while watching stars in the nude, then got dressed and went to bed.

Nothing weird happened, no strange conversations, no awkward monents or anything like that. It was all normal except we had no clothes (but it was night time and fairly dark). So i thought it was all harmless, maybe odd. But harmless.

Anyway, the next day we told the oldies and they freaked out a bit and got a bit weirded out by it and seemed to get annoyed by it. But i dont really see the big deal.

I was just wondering where people stand on this? Was it harmless or too far?
I know not everyone likes to skinny dip, thats ok. But i didn't think we were hurting anyone.
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Not sure why it's in the sex section, i clicked on family/friends.
Was it wrong to skinny dip with siblings/cousins on camping trip?
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