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Is my girlfriend Pregnant or is it something else?

Hey [M]e [21] and my girlfriend [22] didn't have sex during ovulation and everytime we had sex we used a condomn and never ejaculated inside. However there was one time where i was teasing her with my dick and the head slid inside by accident (for like 1 sec) and I took it out immediatly. I always pee before having sex to flush pre-cum. However my girlfriend is 4 days late (25th) and she feels car sickness tired and gag reflex when she brushes her teeth these are clear signs of pregnancy however she has thick creamie discharge and that's a clear sign of period. She isn't feeling any breast tenderness nor back pain/cramps.. Last month she got them 5 days late.. Do you think she's pregnant or it's a sign of health problem?
Note : I know the best way to know is to test, we're going to do it during the week
Thank you everyone..
Is my girlfriend Pregnant or is it something else?
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