Should I call him?

I broke up with him. We didn't contact for 3 weeks and i bumped into him while i was returning home. We spoke for a while. He told me that he doesn't like the fact that we aren't together anymore and that we stopped communicating completely. I told him that since i was the one that wanted the break up i thought that it would be better to give him some space and stop communicating for a while. I just was in a really good mood that day and from the way i talked to him i gave him the impression (i dont understand why he thought something like that tho) that I'm an asshole and i don't care about his feelings at all. When i returned home i saw a text from him. He said some really mean things that hurt me and then he didn't logged in again. He is a nice guy and he has never talked to me like that but i guess he was upset. Do you think u should call him and talk about that or i should just leave it?
Should I call him?
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