Is my ex in a rebound?

So me and my ex broke up and all of a sudden with less then a month he's talking to another girl. This girl is far from his type and it's just not his taste. For example:

she's got a piercing in the middle of her nose (he hates those piercings)

She smokes weed (he hates weed)

She posts sexual pictures of her body and half naked (he isn't into girls that do that and told me if I ever uploaded photos like that he would leave me)

She's got a lot of attention from other guys on her photos (which he hates when other guys show their interest in a girl he likes)

He doesn't like or comment on any of her photos but he did it for me before we were official and while we were dating

He loves big boobs and a big butt, she's got neither

And everyone we know and his family are disgusted by her image and don't do d her attractive but love me to death.

We started dating 4 days after we met and we were engaged and lived together

He's been seeing her for about two weeks and still says he's single and says she's single

Does this sound like a rebound or a sex toy for him or did he move on?

And he would also get negative if I games out with another guy or talked to another, went on dates.
Is my ex in a rebound?
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