How do people who can't get laid feel good about themselves?

I swear trying to get a girl to like me enough to have sex is like pulling teeth. Then people around me seem to just trip and fall into it, I here them complain about to many friend requests, I wish I had that problem.
It's almost as casual as arm wrestling to some but I just can't, what is wrong with me?
Plenty of people tell me I'm great, nothing's wrong with me, you're not a typical guy and that its ok.
It's getting hard to believe they mean that and aren't just trying to cheer me up.
I dont feel ok, I want to just be normal and typical.
I just want to have fun like everyone else, or feel like I'm desirable at all, but no one notices or cares about me.
I feel like a looser.
1 y
I'm not just complaining cause it dosent happen often, it has never happen, I'm a virgin. My bestfriend tells me there is nothing wrong with me and nothing to be ashamed of but I think she's just being nice. I am trying to talk to girls, maybe I need to try more in person🤷‍♂️ but I am trying. She dosent tell me everything I'm doing wrong cause "I need to learn it" but I must be doing something wrong, I'm not doing it on purpose and its frustrating and lonely, I just want to be wanted.
How do people who can't get laid feel good about themselves?
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