Why is he so cruel to me after break up?

So I dated this guy and he broke things off with me because he said I wanted to jump on every guys dick that walked by. All I did was try to get him to see that he’s the only guy I want. He refuses to see that and just wants to paint me as someone who didn’t care and was just looking for someone else. Tonight he texts me drunk and says the meanest things to me but also is sending me porn screenshots and videos of him jerking off and made it clear that he was jerking off to another chick. He called me a cow and other names that I don’t want to say. He said I don’t deserve anything unless I want to be a whore. I don’t call him or text him or bother him. I’ve left him alone. I asked him to leave me alone a few times cause he’s hurting me and he wouldn’t. He post mean stuff about me on Facebook. Why the fuck is he doing this to me? I literally don’t bother him at all. He made me feel terrible and bad about myself. If he hates me so much why won’t he leave me alone?
Why is he so cruel to me after break up?
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