Did this make him uncomfortable?

So most of the time i hang out with my roommate and we’re very close. we had a game night with my roommate, her best friend, and my roommate’s boyfriend. We got really into it and started drinking ( we’re underage soit doesn't happen a lot ) and we played spoons and dirty truth or dare. I admitted some sexual stuff about myself which I regret because I was drunk. Her boyfriend and her best friend were the only sober ones and they still edged stuff on. Her boyfriend was really nice and she seems really happy. He was even asking me questions and trying to get to know me and told me he wanted to go in the Air Force and stuff like that which was great. When we got sexual he admitted to doing a lot of the same stuff as I did and he kept looking at me which made me a little uncomfortable and I kept looking away. He admitted that once when he was naked he would hang clothing hangers on a certain body part ( use your imagination) and that turned me on a little. Him and my roommate had a lot of pda going on but she was drunk and after I admitted sexual stuff, he would start acting weird or just stare at me ( not grossed out ) and he went to the bathroom a lot. Eventually he told me gn and i left. Why would he be ok with me admitting some of this stuff. When I admitted that I masturbate he started clapping and would stare at me or go to the bathroom. Is his acting weird?
Did this make him uncomfortable?
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