Why shouldn’t age matter in dating?

let’s say you’re 25 and your boyfriend is 38. You both get along fine now. He looks handsome and looks younger than his age. But have you ever thought about a situation where you will be 38 and he is 51?

By the time you hit your sexual prime in late 30s-40s, he will be suffering from erectile dysfunction since sexual function decreases with age for men.

Not only that , you will have so much more energy than him. By 38, you still wanting to going out for jogs, hiking, visiting new countries, staying up late at night while he wants to stay inside watch tv, read the paper , and sleep. When you want to have sex, he wants to go to bed early.

He’s not too interested in your idea of visiting 3 countries , he’s more keen on going on a quiet cruise where he won't have to do anything. Due to different energy levels, you both are no longer doing things together and are growing apart.

While all the other 38 year old couples are going out doing things together and having fun outside, your husband can’t catch up with you walking in the park so you need to constantly slow down for him. You're busy reminding him to watch his step , take his meds ( might suffer from memory loss). He can’t open jars and cans or lift boxes so you need to do it for him. He’s no longer the man of the house, YOU are.

The kids aren’t grown yet and he’s thinking about retirement (you’re the only one who is gonna pay for their college tuition)!

You are the only one picking up toys And chasing the kids because he doesn’t have the energy to ( the burden is on you)!
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By the time you hit 60, other couples are enjoying vacation retirement, seeing the world before they die. You’re stuck in the nursing home changing your husbands diapers , feeding him, cleaning because your 75 yr old husband is too old to go anywhere.
On average , women live longer than men. If your husband is 10+ years older , there is a very good chance you might be spending the remaining 25-30 years dying ALONE.

Is it still worth it to marry so much older?
Why shouldn’t age matter in dating?
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